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Dog's with separation anxiety - daycare
Canine Cowboy

Canine Cowboy

How to Help Your Dog With Separation Anxiety

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety while their pet parents are away, and if yours does, there are things you can do to help. If your dog has separation anxiety when you leave for work, use these five tips to make things easier – on both you and your pooch. 

Signs of Dog Separation Anxiety

Check out these common signs that your dog has separation anxiety from being left alone:

  • Destructive chewing
  • Excessive barking, howling or crying
  • Having accidents around the house
  • Pacing

Sure, some dogs do these things anyway, but if you suspect that your pooch hates being alone, they may be signs of separation anxiety.

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How to Help a Dog Who Has Separation Anxiety

There are plenty of ways you can help a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, such as:

  1. Slowly work on the time you spend apart. For many people and pets, starting with five or ten-minute increments in separate rooms is a great beginning. If your dog can handle separate rooms, you may be ready to try leaving the house for longer stretches.
  2. Give your dog a safe space. Designate a room as your pup’s safe place, and make it as cozy as you can. Make sure there’s a comfy bed and plenty of toys, as well as food and water. It also doesn’t hurt to leave something that has your scent on it, which can be calming for your dog. And one more thing: Spend time in your dog’s safe space with them! That’ll make your dog more comfortable being there alone.
  3. Give your dog extra exercise. Lots of walks, plus mental stimulation (such as puzzle games) can help reduce a dog’s separation anxiety.
  4. Find a great doggie daycare. The whole point of separation anxiety is that your dog doesn’t want to be left alone, but if you enroll them in a fun, enriching doggie daycare, that problem is solved.
  5. Talk to your veterinarian. There may be other things you can do to lessen your dog’s separation anxiety, and talking to the vet can help you explore all your options.

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Do You Need to Learn About Doggie Daycare for Your Pup?

If your dog has separation anxiety, we can help. Our kennel-free dog daycare center may be the perfect place for your pooch to spend their days. Call us today to schedule your free meet and greet where we can get to know you and your pup, and your dog can start making friends with the other pooches in our care.

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