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The Best Dog Daycare in Aubrey
Need a place for your four-legged family member to spend the day? Check out our dog daycare in Aubrey – it’s kennel-free and full of fun for pups!
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Your dog doesn’t want to be home alone – and you don’t want your furbaby missing out on important social interactions, either. That’s where the best dog daycare in Aubrey comes in: Canine Cowboy. Our fun, enriched doggie daycare is a great place for your four-legged family member to spend the day.

The Best Dog Daycare in Aubrey: Canine Cowboy

Canine Cowboy is the perfect alternative to leaving your dog home alone all day. Our expertly trained staff will interact with your dogs, provide frequent potty breaks and ensure your pup gets plenty of supervised playtime with his or her dog friends. We provide the mental stimulation your dog needs to stay happy – and stay young – and we understand that every dog has a unique personality and play style, so we provide a unique experience for each of our guests.

Dog Daycare Aubrey TX

What to Expect From Dog Daycare in Aubrey

Your dog will have a blast in our facility, which is filled with enriching activities, play places and plenty of friends. Whether your dog is active and playful or laid-back and observant, he or she will get plenty of mental stimulation and high-quality time with people and other dogs. Canine Cowboy is a kennel-free facility because we know your dog needs space to explore, play and relax.

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Let’s talk about your dog, so we can get to know each other and make sure your four-legged family member is a good fit for our pack.

Some of the Things Our Guests (and their parents) Love About Canine Cowboy Include:

The Dog Daycare Meet-and-Greet

Before we welcome a guest into our dog daycare in Aubrey, we require a meet-and-greet. The meet-and-greet is important because it allows us to ensure our environment is a good fit for your dog as well as assess your dog’s temperament and behavior with our other guests. We know that each dog is an individual – and we use what we learn during the meet-and-greet to place your pup into the appropriate group based on his or her size, age and play style. Meet & greets typically last 2-3 hours, you will drop your dog off and pick them up at the end.

Ready to get started?

Step 1) Make sure your dog meets these requirements: 

Step 2) Register as a new customer here.

Step 3) From your account login schedule a meet and greet by going to “request services” and then “meet and greet”.

  • Step 4) Bring your dog in for their scheduled meet and greet!

Looking for the Best Dog Daycare in Aubrey?

If you’re looking for the best dog daycare in Aubrey, Canine Cowboy is it. We’d love to answer your questions or schedule a meet-and-greet with your dog, so call our doggie daycare facility now!


Full Day … $28, each additional dog $26.
6 full days: 1 dog ($154)  2 dogs ($298)
10 full days: 1 dog ($252)  2 dogs ($486)
20 full days: 1 dog ($504)  2 dogs ($972)
30 full days: