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The last thing you want to do is leave your dog home alone all day while you’re at work – and the good news is that you don’t have to. Our dog daycare in Oak Point is a kennel-free facility where your four-legged family member can run, jump and play with friends in an enriched, mentally stimulating environment.

Dog Daycare in Oak Point, TX: A Kennel-Free Facility Packed With Fun

From the moment your dog arrives to the moment you swing by for pick-up, your pup is our priority. Canine Cowboy’s experienced, highly trained staff manages interaction, provides plenty of potty breaks and supervises playtime throughout the day to ensure your dog has a great time.

Why Our Oak Point Dog Daycare is Kennel-Free

You know that your dog does best while interacting with others – those with two and four legs – and so do we. If you wanted your best friend in a kennel all day, you wouldn’t be exploring your Oak Point dog daycare options.

The Oak Point Dog Daycare Experience

Your pup will thrive in our fun, kennel-free environment, which includes:

Doggie Daycare - Oak Point TX

Canine Cowboy offers daycare services seven days a week, and we’ll even provide you with daily “dog report cards” so you can keep tabs on how well your pup is doing with us.

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Let’s talk about your dog, so we can get to know each other and make sure your four-legged family member is a good fit for our pack.

Canine Cowboy Requirements

All our guests must meet be:

Kennel Free Daycare

You and your dog also need to swing by for a meet-and-greet. During this time, we’ll make sure our dog daycare is a good fit for your pooch by evaluating his or her temperament and behavior with our other guests. We know that every dog is an individual, so we use what we learn during our meet-and-greet to match your pup with the best possible friends based on size, age and play style. These meet-and-greets typically last two to three hours; you’ll drop off your dog and come back for a complete report.

Looking for the Best Dog Daycare in Oak Point?

Canine Cowboy may be the perfect place for your dog while you’re away. Call our office now to schedule your meet-and-greet, ask questions and learn more about the great experiences your dog will have with us!