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When you have to leave your pup – whether you have to work Monday through Friday or you’re going on an extended vacation – Canine Cowboy can be your pooch’s home away from home. Our kennel-free dog daycare and boarding facility is like a resort for dogs, and it has all the amenities your four-legged family member needs to mentally and physically active.

Dog Daycare in Frisco

No pet parent wants to leave their dog home alone all day while they work – and the dog would rather have a few playmates to make time go by faster, too. Canine Cowboy offers dog daycare services in Frisco, and we pledge to keep your dog entertained, happy and mentally stimulated until you’re back for playtime.

Our kennel-free dog daycare provides ample playtime in our outdoor play areas, ball pit and sandbox that’s perfect for digging. We even keep DogTV on for all the pups in our care and offer every dog a choice of a dog bed, a sofa or daybed for naps. Our facility employs expertly trained staff members who work with dogs of all activity levels. Whether your dog is a casual observer while the younger pups play or she loves to be in the heart of it all, she’ll find her place at Canine Cowboy.

Dog Daycare Frisco TX

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Let’s talk about your dog, so we can get to know each other and make sure your four-legged family member is a good fit for our pack.

Dog Boarding in Frisco

When you need more than just a day away from your pup, Canine Cowboy is here for you. We offer Frisco dog boarding services that come with all the benefits of our doggie daycare and then some. We’ll ensure your dog is safe, comfortable and having a great time (though we know he’s saving his best tail-wags for your return).

Your dog can spend the night on a doggie bed, sofa or daybed – we leave that choice up to the pups in our care – and make sure there are plenty of enrichment activities throughout the day to keep your dog entertained. She’ll have plenty of playtime with her friends, and we’ll give as many belly rubs and ear scratches as she can handle.

Do You Need a Dog Daycare or Dog Boarding in Frisco?

If you have to leave your dog behind, whether it’s for a day or a week (or more), Canine Cowboy is here to keep him safe and well-loved. Call us today to schedule your meet-and-greet with staff and other dogs to find out whether we’re a good fit.