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Let your dog run, play and snooze with pals when you can’t be there – choose Canine Cowboy, Cross Roads’ best dog daycare and dog boarding facility. Our kennel-free facility is the perfect place for your four-legged family member to spend time when you’re at work or out of town, and our team (including all the friendly, playful dogs who hang out with us) would love to meet you and your pooch.

The Best Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding Facility in Cross Roads

We provide an enriching, pup-friendly environment for friendly, socialized dogs. With a sandbox and ball pit, mentally stimulating toys and puzzles, and lots of four-legged friends, Canine Cowboy will keep your pup busy and feeling loved when you can’t be there. We provide snuggles, enrichment activities, lots of indoor and outdoor playtime, and plenty of places for relaxing naps – and there’s not a kennel in sight, because we believe dogs should be free to move around.

Dog Daycare

Our dog daycare facility is designed for your pup to get plenty of interaction with other dogs and humans – and we have plenty of space for dogs to choose when, how and with whom to interact. Our expertly trained staff supervises playtime and downtime to make sure your dog has the best possible experience with us.

Dog Boarding

Our caregivers are on-site all day and all night, which means your pup is never alone – even if you’re using our Cross Roads dog boarding services for an extended period. Just like our doggie daycare, you’ll get photo and video updates throughout your dog’s stay, and your dog will have the freedom to move about, get lots of lovin’ and enjoy their time with us from start to finish.

Doggie Daycare Cross Roads TX

Canine Cowboy offers daycare services seven days a week, and we’ll even provide you with daily “dog report cards” so you can keep tabs on how well your pup is doing with us.

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Let’s talk about your dog, so we can get to know each other and make sure your four-legged family member is a good fit for our pack.

You’re Invited to Our Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding Facility

Swing by our dog daycare and dog boarding facility for a meet-and-greet, which is required before we can keep your pup. Your dog must meet the following requirements:

Daycare Dog Crossroads TX

Looking for the Best Dog Daycare in Cross Roads?

A typical drop-off meet-and-greet lasts a few hours. During that time, we’ll evaluate your dog’s temperament, play style and size to make sure we match them with the right group of friends. We’d love to meet you and your dog, so schedule your meet-and-greet today.