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The 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

If you’re like many pet parents, you’re ready to splurge on your pup this holiday season – but what does your dog really want for Christmas? This guide covers five of the best gifts for dogs (and what makes them so special).

What Your Pup Wants for Christmas This Year

Check out the five best Christmas gifts for dogs:

  1. A subscription box
  2. Treat-dispensing toy puzzles
  3. Talking buttons
  4. A new dog bed
  5. A playdate with friends

Here’s a closer look at each.

Christmas Gift #1 for Dogs: A Subscription Box

There are plenty of subscription boxes available just for dogs, including BarkBox, Chewy, Chompbox and Pawstruck – and they’re gifts that keep on giving. Most of these boxes, for a monthly fee, allow you to get your dog all-new goodies every several weeks.

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Dog Gifts Aubrey TX

#2: Treat-Dispensing Toy Puzzles

Toy puzzles designed to dispense treats are good for your dog’s brain. They’ll keep your pooch busy and out of boredom-related trouble, help them slow down with snacks, and get their synapses firing. These mentally stimulating toys are fun, too, which can help relieve separation anxiety and boost your pup’s mood.

#3: Talking Buttons

If your dog could talk, what would she say? Investing in a set of talking buttons can help you figure out what’s on your pooch’s mind. Though the jury is still out on whether dogs are actually communicating their inner thoughts and desires through button-pushing, the fact remains that your pup can press the button to alert you that she wants a walk, a treat or a potty break by pressing the right thing.

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#4: A New Dog Bed

Every pup needs a cozy space, so if your four-legged family member’s bed has seen better days, the holidays are the perfect time to bring in a new one. From memory foam to down alternatives, there are likely plenty of great doggie beds at your favorite pet shop. Many experts say you should choose an elevated dog bed, which can help alleviate pressure on dogs’ joints.

#5: A Playdate With Friends

As humans, we spend time with family and friends over the holidays – and your pup wants to do that, too! The best Christmas gift for your dog may be a trip to Canine Cowboy, where they can sniff, play, lounge and romp with all their puppy buddies for several hours.

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Are You Looking for a Great Place for Your Dog to Spend the Day?

If you’re on the lookout for a great doggie daycare that’s close to home, Canine Cowboy is it. Our kennel-free facility is the perfect place for your dog to spend time when you’re working, running errands or even out of town. Call our office to schedule a free meet-and-greet to see if we’re a great fit today.

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