Dog are family when they stay at Canine Cowboy’s pet resort in Frisco TX. We are a kennel free facility and make sure your dogs have a fun and comfortable environment. Our staff is on the premises 24/7 and undergoes background checks and continuous training. As frequent travelers ourselves, we understand how painful it is to be away from our dogs. That’s why we provide the very best for our clients and their furry best friends!


Dog Boarding

We know you would not want anything but the best for your pet. That’s why we have created the ultimate fun and safe vacation destination for dogs that gives you peace of mind while you are away from your furry best friend. We are a kennel free facility and your dog has their choice of sleeping arrangements including dog and human beds or sofas. Plus, we promise to keep you updated throughout your dog’s stay with photo and video updates!

Five Simple Steps to Prepare for Dog Boarding

Think About a Boarding Trial

If your dog gets nervous when you are away or even suffers from separation anxiety; it would be a good idea to plan a boarding trail. The trial should be for a minimum of 24 hours to ease your dog into new surroundings and a new daily routine. You may discover that your dog adjusts much better when it comes to a long-term stay.

 Change Your Dog’s Sleeping Routine

If your dog is used to sleeping in bed with you or even in the same room as you; chance is your dog is going to be upset sleeping by himself at a boarding facility. Consider training your dog to be okay with sleeping by himself and in another room besides your own.  

 Stop by Your Dog’s Veterinarian

It is very important that you take into consideration the other dogs that will be around yours. You should always make sure your dog is up to shots and get your dog de-flea and de-worm at least two weeks prior to the boarding date. These precautions are generally always required when boarding your dog.

 Drop Your Dog Off in the Morning

If your schedule allows for it you should consider dropping your dog off in the morning. Dropping your dog off in the morning is going to give them the whole day to adjust to their surroundings before it is time for them to get to rest for the evening.

 Keep Your Dog Comfortable

Regardless of the toys and blankets the boarding facility provides, it is important to bring a few items from home. Bring a similar blanket for your dog to sleep on; it will help them feel closer to home. The boarding facility may even allow you to bring your dog’s bed, be sure to ask in advance.

Dog Daycare

A lot of people work all day and if that is the case for you, you shouldn’t feel bad about putting your dog in a dog daycare center. When you find the right daycare to put your furry best friend in, you know they’ll be in good hands with trained professionals while exerting copious amounts of energy. Plus, we offer numerous amenities including a sandpit, ball pit, DogTV, and a spacious natural outdoor area. 

Give us a call at or come visit our pet resort to discover your dog’s new favorite vacation spot!